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Welcome to our Wiki

Welcome to the Copperhill Technologies Wiki site!

Until today, it has been our policy to publish any product-related information on our e-commerce website at, but over time it has become clear that we needed to consolidate all information into one format. Our wiki will include documents such as user manuals, firmware update procedures, installation programs, and more.

We also deem that a wiki is a more effective tool to keep customers up-to-date, specifically when it comes to follow up on new program and firmware versions, and for that reason, we have added a News section (see menu items above or on the home page’s right-hand side).

Please understand that this is a work in progress. As of today, we are adding information of a newly developed device, the jCOM.CAN.BTS, a CAN Bus / OBD-II Bluetooth Scanner, i.e. rather than adding information on our e-commere website, we will add a reference to this wiki,

In the time to follow, we will add (well, more or less copy & paste) information of existing products, but as always, if you need any information that goes beyond our existing documentation, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Best Regards,
The Team of Copperhill Technologies

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