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Online Books – CAN Bus Programming For Embedded Systems

We are planning a series of online books as an added support to our product line. Available titles are:

CAN Bus Programming With The Arduino DueCAN Bus Programming With The Arduino Due

This book addresses the aspects of Controller Area Network (CAN) prototyping using ARM Cortex M3 systems, specifically the Arduino Due . The focus will be primarily on providing the basic means to the reader, which includes the description of available resources, hardware and software, and some special insights.

The book explains the basic technical aspects of Controller Area Network and higher-layer protocols such as CANopen, DeviceNet and SAE J1939, the ARM Cortex-M3 Processor, and the Arduino Due. While a detailed of all these technologies is out of the scope of this book, it will provide references in each chapter that will enable the reader to gather further details.

All in all, the information as provided will enable you to write your CAN applications within shortest time. Read more…

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