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jCOM1939Monitor Extension: Byte & Bit Editing Mode

As of version 3.20.00, we have added two sections to the software that allows the comfortable editing of selected data bytes:

1. Byte Data Editing

jCOM1939 Monitor - Byte Edit Screen

In the Byte Data section of the jCOM1939Monitor software, the user can select a previously designed PGN, the data start position, and the data length (1, 2, 3, or 4 bytes). The program will display the data as selected and allows the user to modify the data either per text input or sliding the associated track bar.

This mode was specifically designed with simulation of analog signals in mind. However, due to the generic nature of the software, it does not verify that the selected PGN data represents an analog parameter. In the above sample, we chose a random selection of proprietary PGNs, and, while the screen shows four different PGNs, the program also allows the simultaneous modification of several bytes in the PGN data field.

The following screenshot demonstrates how several bytes in one PGN were modified:

jCOM1939 Monitor - Byte Edit Example

Note that the data is being updated and transmitted as soon as it is modified by the user.

2. Bit Data Editing

jCOM1939 Monitor - Bit Edit Screen

The Bit Data section was designed with the modification of digital signals in mind. It functions very similar to the Byte Data section, however, limited to one byte. Also, instead of a slider, the program uses check boxes to set or reset digital information.

The following screenshot demonstrates how several bits in one PGN were modified:

jCOM1939 Monitor - Bit Edit Example

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