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JCOM.J1939-REC – Firmware Update

In order to update the firmware, we use the Flash Magic Tool for Windows:

Updating the Firmware

  1. Download the newest firmware version as indicated below and store the .hex file onto your computer’s hard drive.
  2. Start Flash Mode on the JCOM.J1939.REC device:
    • Close the onboard IDE jumper.
    • Close the onboard RES jumper, then open it again.
    • Open the IDE jumper.
  3. Start Flash Magic

    • The settings are:
      • Device: LPC1768
      • Serial Port: Select the port associated with the JCOM.J1939.REC device.
      • Baudrate: Any baudrate will do; 115,200 is best.
      • File: Select the downloaded .hex file
      • Click Start
  4. After the firmware loading is finished, close the RES jumper briefly (on/off).

Firmware Version Development

V xx.yy.zz
xx = Major Modifications
yy = Minor Modifications
zz = Bug Fixes



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