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jCOM.J1939.GPS – SAE J1939 GPS Module – Hardware

The jCOM.J1939.GPS device connects to an SAE J1939 network and reports the vehicle position (PGN 65267) with a five second frequency, according to the SAE J1939-71 Standard.

CAN Bus Termination Resistor

The jCOM.J1939 comes per default with a 120 Ohm termination resistor activated. To deactivate the resistor, open the enclosure and locate the DIP switch as indicated in the following image.

jCOM.J1939 GPS SAE J1939 Module Termination Resistor

Serial Interfaces

Details of the RS232 and CAN ports are described here.


jcom.j1939.gps RS232 Pinout

RTS and CTS are not connected. CTS is always held in the ready state.

CAN Port

The CAN port has an on-board 120Ω (0.5W) termination resistor. This termination resistor can be connected or disconnected via an on-board slide switch.

jcom.j1939.gps CAN Bus Port Pinout

SAE J1939 9pin Cable to DB9 Female

  • Compatible with Deutsch Connector P/N HD19-9-1939SE
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Shielded
  • 20 AWG
  • Length: 6ft
  • All 9 pins connected
  • SAE J1939 or SAE J1708 cable
  • The open end is perfect for custom cable designs and prototyping
  • Heavy-duty materials and quality craftsmanship give the cable superior flexibility and durability

J1939 Connector Pinout

J1939 Connector Pinout

Pin A – Battery (-)
Pin B – Battery (+)
Pin C – CAN_H
Pin D – CAN_L
Pin F – SAE J1708 (+)
Pin G – SAE J1708 (-)
Pin H – Proprietary OEM Use or Implement Bus CAN_H
Pin J – Proprietary OEM Use or Implement Bus CAN_L

For more detailed information on the connector and its wiring, please refer to the official SAE document.

J1939 to DB9 Connector Pinout

J1939 to DB9 Connector Pinout

Note: Pin A is also connected to pin 3 on the DB9 Female Connector

SAE J1939/13 – Off-Board Diagnostic Connector

J1939/13 defines a standard connector for diagnostic purpose. It does allow access to the vehicle communication links. The connector is a Deutsch HD10 – 9 – 1939 (9 pins, round connector).

According to the official document, SAE J1939/13 Off-Board Diagnostics Connector, the connector supports both the twisted shielded pair media (as defined in SAE J1939/11) as well as the twisted unshielded quad media (as defined by ISO 11783-2). The designations of the individual signal wires are according to the CAN Standard CAN_H and CAN_L. For SAE J1939/11, a third connection for the termination of the shield is denoted by CAN_SHLD.

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