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jCOM.1939.BRIDGE – Firmware Versions & Update

jCOM.ELD SAE J1939 Electronic Logging DeviceThe jCOM.J1939.BRIDGE, as the name implies, bridges two SAE J1939 networks.

The bridging serial hardware layer is RS232 in combination with a bit-stuffing protocol, similar as described under JCOM.J1939 PROTOCOL & PROGRAMMING INTERFACE (PDF).

The RS232 serial port can be used for extension of the networks per wireless connection, i.e. by means of an RS232-to-wireless gateway.

The hardware design is based on our SAE J1939 / OBD-II Electronic Logging Device With Bluetooth, a generic hardware device we use for a variety of CAN Bus applications (incl. OBD-II and SAE J1939).

Firmware Versions

1. Download the Firmware File

In order to update the internal program (i.e. the firmware), we provide a .hex file that can be loaded into the device either directly per the RS232 port (see the following steps).

2. Activate the Flash Programming Mode

Open the device’s cover and locate the following jumpers:

  • JP1 – RST
  • JP2 – ISP

In order to activate the flash programming mode, put a jumper on JP2-ISP, jumper RST for a short time, then remove the ISP jumper. Please be sure to follow the sequence as described, i.e. the ISP jumper must be connected as long as the RST jumper is closed. The device is now in flash programming node.

4. Update the Firmware Using FlashMagic

The software (FlashMagic) required to load the firmware is a free download at:

Flash Magic is a PC tool for programming flash based micro-controllers from NXP using a serial or Ethernet protocol while in the target hardware.

GPS FlashMagic

The above image shows the settings you need to apply. The only difference in your setup would be the choice of COM Port and the location and name of the .hex file.

Programming the Device

  1. Connect the RS232 port with the PC by means of the cable we provide with the unit.
  2. Start FlashMagic and select COM port and .hex file location
  3. Make sure that all other settings match those in the image above
  4. Activate the module’s FLASH mode as described previously.
  5. In the FlashMagic program click on Start

5. Reset the Gateway

After the flash programming process has finished, close FlashMagic, then reset the module by initiating a power-cycle (on-off).


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