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jCOM.1939.BRIDGE – SAE J1939 Network Bridge

jCOM.ELD SAE J1939 Electronic Logging DeviceThe jCOM.J1939.BRIDGE, as the name implies, bridges two SAE J1939 networks. The bridging serial hardware layer is RS232 in combination with a bit-stuffing protocol, similar as described under JCOM.J1939 PROTOCOL & PROGRAMMING INTERFACE (PDF). The RS232 serial port can be used for extension of the networks per wireless connection, i.e. by means of an RS232-to-wireless gateway.

The hardware design is based on our SAE J1939 / OBD-II Electronic Logging Device With Bluetooth, a generic hardware device we use for a variety of CAN Bus applications (incl. OBD-II and SAE J1939).

Note: This project is still under current development.

This current version forwards each received J1939 message frame to the other network without message filtering or address mapping, which implies that there is no node address conflict between both networks. We call this mode “Bridge Level 0,” and the plan is to add higher levels of bridging functionality. For further information, please feel free to contact us.

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